Photography / Videography / Editing at Discounted rates

Posted on 19-Jan-2021 10:29
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I’m a professional photographer and videographer with over 10 years of experience in professional photography, photo editing and photo retouch.
I am currently booking photoshoots for 2021 and offering special discount rates for photography and videography projects in the following fields and can work out an affordable budget plan for your photo session.

*** Personal Photography ***
- Family photo sessions, birthdays, events and gatherings
- Couples photo sessions, anniversary, boudoir, travel, events
- Weddings
- Events, Conferences, School events, Live performances

I am available to set up photo sessions to photograph personal photo sessions for couples, group and social events, family gatherings, birthdays, and more. Personal memoir and promotional videos can also be made.
You can also ask for poster design, flyers and other promotional material for your event as well. Once the photos are taken, You can choose your favorite photos from the photo session for Professional Editing. You can ask for any of the photo treatments outlined in the “Editing” section below.
Professional post-processing of the photos ensures high-quality stunning photographs with perfect looks and vibrant colors and light tones.

*** Editing and Photo retouch ***
- Smoothen skin tones / Adjust Make-up / Remove spots and scratches / Change hair color / Remove background
- Adjust lighting, colors and tones within a photo
- Enhance and alter body and facial features
- Remove dust and scratches from old films / scanned photographs.
- Stitch multiple photos to create Hi-Resolution Panoramas
- Develop and edit RAW files.
- Batch edit large number of photos from events, weddings, concerts.
- Remove an object or someone from a photograph.
- Create photo collages and multi-layered composite photos
- More…

For more information and booking a session, you can contact me through this as or through my website at: for prompt response.

Photography / Videography / Editing at Discounted rates halifax
Photography / Videography / Editing at Discounted rates halifax
Photography / Videography / Editing at Discounted rates halifax