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Hot Percussion Licks Conga Drum Music Lesson Book & Video
Be A Star! Learn To Play Professional Conga Drums with Hot Percussion Licks Music Lesson Book & Practice Video FREE AT
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Hot Percussion Licks Aerobics Exercise-Diet Guide & Video
Get In Shape! Do your aerobics workouts to disco and percussion music with Hot Percussion Licks Aerobics Exercise-Diet Guide & Video. Get It FREE AT
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Trends you need to know in the Candidate Search
This blog is all about the new and effective searching criteria that can help you to utilize your candidate database to the core. We have introduced new and advanced candidate search criteria including Fuzzy Search, Proximity Search, Keyword Search, Boolean Search, GDPR Search, Note Search, Contextual / Semantic Search, Smart Search and many more.
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Essential Things For Vendor Management System and Its Relevance in Sta
If you are facing difficulties in managing multiple vendors, check out this blog to understand what are the essential things you should take care of when it comes to the Vendor Management system. This blog can also help recruiters to manage their vendors with relevant data and automation.
Posted on: 2019-05-14 12:12:08.0Classification: Services - others
Beginners Guide: Resume Parsing and Its Relevance to Recruiter
Read this blog to understand the relevance of Parsing of Resumes to recruiters. This is a complete guide to understand the way we parse the resume with the benefits you can get out of this. Resume Parser can screen your resumes within the seconds with your preferred criteria.
Posted on: 2019-05-14 12:12:09.0Classification: Services - others
iSmartRecruit All Features Videos
Must have a look at this videos of iSmartRecruit. This video page contains all the videos to understand the core features of iSmartRecruit in a visualized and easiest way. You can check out these videos at Vimeo and Youtube also.
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5 Easy Steps for Data Migration
Check out this page to know how iSmartRecruit can help you in migrating your data from other ATS to iSmartRecruit so easily. iSmartRecruit Data Migration team will help you throughout the process.
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iSmartRecruit Referral Program
You can refer iSmartRecruit to companies like you and can get reward points.
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Integrations of iSmartRecruit
iSmartRecruit is integrated with many job boards and various social media platforms. iSmartRecruit is integrated with various job board search as indeed, Naukri, career jet, my job helper, Jooble and many more.
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VOIP(Voice Over the IP) Calling Service - iSmartRecruit
VOIP is the most powerful feature nowadays because this feature allows you to have a telephonic communication over the internet. The recruiter has a Twilio number then they have easily communicated with the candidate through the system.
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Gmail & Outlook Import Add-in to import profiles from your mailbox
A mailbox import is a work to import your mail through Gmail and outlook. iSmartRecruit is integrated with both the platform. This add-in will help you to import the resume directly from the mailbox to iSmartRecruit.
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A recruitment chat bot that uses Artificial Intelligence
A recruitment chatbot is the latest features of iSmartRecruit. It makes recruiters work easy. You don’t have to be present 24*7 in your office, because, a recruitment chatbot is working automatically.
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Client Self Services Portal - iSmartRecruit
The Client Self Services Portal will help your clients to perform activities over the jobs and track the candidates for the positions they have provides to recruiters. The CSS can help to reduce the work of recruiters and they can work very efficiently.
Posted on: 2019-05-10 12:30:12.0Classification: Services - others
Set up GDPR compliance System | iSmartRecruit
GDPR is a major reform in the EU region which affected every company, but the hardest hit on recruiting businesses which process a large amount of candidate data. Recruiting and Staffing Companies need to take the consent of candidates for accessing their information and to be GDPR Compliance. When you go for recruiting software or applicant tracking system, you must have to make sure that the software system is ready with GDPR changes. iSmartRecruit is a GDPR ready solution for recruiting and staffing businesses reside in the EU region.
Posted on: 2019-05-10 12:30:16.0Classification: Services - others
Vendor management system that manages your vendors top to toe
The vendor management system plays a vital role in recruitment industries. Nowadays competition is increasing day by day. Companies hire a group of people or companies who help them to fill the positions quickly and by this, they gain a number of clients. iSmartRecruit vendor management modules help you to manage your vendor and allow them to work with you on the same platform as well.
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Right time to switch from Excel to ATS
As it can be observed that the Recruiters and HR use the excel sheet in order to maintain each and every activity of the candidates. But using the excel, it is not sufficient to cover your requirements, so it is advisable to use an Applicant Tracking System which is built according to GDPR compliance. Excel Vs ATS is the new trend. iSmartRecruit ATS and Recruiting Software is GDPR compliant and can be the right fit for HR organizations and staffing agencies.
Posted on: 2019-05-10 12:30:20.0Classification: Services - others
Manage your all recruiting tasks with Task Management
A piece of work to be done or undertaken by the users within the system. The task management can be used to create the task by the Admin to users and Users to users. It is the best place to manage the task like: Create a task, assign the task to the team members and more.
Posted on: 2019-05-10 12:30:21.0Classification: Services - others
iSmartRecruit Client Tracker will help you to track your client’s acti
Client tracker is a functionality where the recruiting company can provide access to client and client can see all the open jobs and pipeline at one place. The advantage of this feature is that you can provide real-time data access to the client about candidate submitted, interviews, feedbacks, etc. and eliminate email exchanges.
Posted on: 2019-05-10 12:30:23.0Classification: Services - others
iSmartRecruit Analytics Report will help you to optimize efforts
It is difficult to analyze the different activities done by the recruiters and HRs. To analyze the activities you should try recruiting analytics reports that show you all the activities at one place. If you want to generate the yearly report of the different activities and member caters to the growth of the organization you can see it from the analytics report. iSmartRecruit has recruiting analytics module out of the box which helps you to analyze your performance and where actions are required.
Posted on: 2019-05-10 12:30:28.0Classification: Services - others
Profile Matching using Artificial Intelligence (AI) – iSmartRecruit
iSmartRecruit Profile Matching uses Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology to get the best matching candidate for the open positions you create into the system. AI-Based profile matching calculates the matching score and filters the candidates as per requirements.
Posted on: 2019-05-10 12:30:32.0Classification: Job - accounting / finance
Resolve all type issues of Bitstamp Exchange [+1860-266-2763].
Bitstamp is presented for Android and iOS users, it works 24/7 with its peculiar API and users can trade from anywhere, anytime. For the acquisition of bitcoins or pairing of any currency, users must have their trading account with a big stamp permit with 2FA. Trading fee is also very economical compared to other opponent exchanges. Bitstamp sanction from the government made Bitstamp the first fully regulated and functional virtual currency exchange in the European Union. With the renewed license, Bitstamp was allowable to trade or do business in 28 EU member states. Several users have trouble with their USD receiving returned back to their bank accounts and not getting deposited into Bitstamp Account. This has earned un-necessary charge from users account paid to the bank. If you have any these types of issues of the connection problem and other technical issues Contact our Bitstamp support number+1(860)-266-(2763). Visit my website:
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Automation in Recruiting – iSmartRecruit
Automation is a must in recruiting company nowadays. iSmartRecruit posses automation feature where the user can automate day to day activities and save their time. Automation tool includes Application Screening, Outdated Resume Update, Promote Jobs, and Identify Matching Candidates.
Posted on: 2019-05-09 14:34:19.0Classification: Services - others
Two-way Email Synchronization – iSmartRecruit
iSmartRecruit's Two-way email sync provide a facility to sync all email which comes to your mailbox like Google or Outlook or any other mail service provider. All your email communication will be centralized into the system though you use Mobile, Tablets, Desktop Outlooks, etc. Once you integrate your email with the system, the user can send & receive email and also track all email communication besides their profile.
Posted on: 2019-05-09 14:34:20.0Classification: Services - others
Candidate Self Service Portal – iSmartRecruit
iSmartRecruit Candidate Self Service Portal can help the candidate to create the profile, update resumes, search and apply for a job and also verify the interview schedule for them. Overall this is one of the best features to deliver the best experience to the Candidate and which is one of the most import in today's competitive market.
Posted on: 2019-05-09 14:34:22.0Classification: Services - others
Onboarding Tracking – iSmartRecruit
The On-boarding is the key element for both employers and candidates. If you are using an ATS for managing your data, it should also provide you facility to onboard candidates with signed documents from the system. iSmartRecruit posses this feature in it to manage all the legal document and get signed document automatically into the system.
Posted on: 2019-05-09 14:34:23.0Classification: Services - others
Visual Pipeline – iSmartRecruit
The Visual Pipeline gives you the facility to track all the activities related to the Candidate from the same screen. A recruiter can track the candidate across different stages of recruitment workflow, verify the resumes, manage the interview schedule and much more using a single screen, which can save your time and make your day easy.
Posted on: 2019-05-09 14:34:25.0Classification: Services - others
Vacancy Management System - iSmartRecruit
iSmartRecruit vacancy management system is the software used by recruiters to manage the end to end process of recruiting new talent to their company. From the moment that a vacancy created, vacancy management systems are used to enter all data into about job, candidate vacancy management system, interviews, etc.
Posted on: 2019-05-09 14:34:26.0Classification: Services - others
Best Applicant Tracking Software - iSmartRecruit
Our Applicant Tracking Software is a web-based ATS that provides tools for automated job posts, screening, candidate management, etc. It can be the best sourcing tool to recruit the best candidate for your organization. iSmartRecruit is the best Applicant Tracking Software for recruiting and staffing agencies and HR businesses.
Posted on: 2019-05-09 14:34:27.0Classification: Services - others
Recruitment Analytics And Reporting - iSmartRecruit
In recruiting and staffing business it is necessary to analyze your business processes and work delivered to your customers. It is very much necessary for your business to manage the analytics report that shows the work activities and also shows the completion process as well that will help you to take the decision. iSmartRecruit recruitment analytics and reporting module makes your work easy and saves time.
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Hiring Software - iSmartRecruit
When the hiring process begins in any organization, the recruiters and managers need to accomplish different activities. So without using hiring software, it is very difficult to source the best talent, so using the iSmartRecruit Staffing Software that will help you to source the best candidates easily and saves time as well.
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Parse Resumes with complete automation- iSmartRecruit
Automated resume parser helps you to fetch the key information from the resumes by simply drag and drop. It makes work easy, saves time and reduces manual efforts. Resume will be automatically imported even in case the candidate submits the resume on your career page, social media or job boards.
Posted on: 2019-05-09 14:34:29.0Classification: Services - others
Best ATS System for Recruiters & HR – iSmartRecruit
An ATS System is an automated system that streamlines the recruiting process to increase efficiency. iSmartRecruit ATS System gathers important candidate information and allows organizations to track candidate progress through each stage of the hiring process. The ATS System helps the recruiters to source the best candidates easily.
Posted on: 2019-04-30 07:22:22.0Classification: Services - computer
How to fix Bitstamp Signup & Identification?
Different further exchanges, Bitstamp doesn’t allocate unconfirmed accounts to trade, which is mostly due to the information that it facilitates straight bank transfers, credit card payments, and integrate with traditional economic institutions. To obtain in progress with Bitstamp, you’ll require giving the platform with a government-issued ID and verifying your identity. Our team has done comprehensive preparation for this they need referring to an answer for those users. If you too square measure experiencing these issues contact our Bitstamp Support Number+1(860)-266-(2763). Visit my website: