Titan-ger-1000 | metal detectors 2019

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Posted on 25-Aug-2019 18:57
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Titan Ger 1000 gold and metal detector | golden detector Titan-ger-1000 | metal detectors 2019 TITAN GER - 1000 device Professional Geolocator Long Range Professional Metal Detector - Underground Depth Scanner & Distance Targeting - Find Gold, Silver, Coins, Jewelry, Cavity, Larger Treasure the new technology device works with five different search systems one device to a depth up to 45 meters in the ground and 2500 meters front range. Titan Ger 1000 Works with five different search systems : FIRST SYSTEM: LONG RANGE SYSTEM SECOND SYSTEM: -IONIC SYSTEM- SEARCH SYSTEM FOR ION FIELDS THIRD SYSTEM: 3D IMAGING SYSTEM WITH HIGH ACCURACY FOURTH SYSTEM: (MAGNETOMETER) MAGNETIC SYSTEM FIFTH SYSTEM: PULSE INDUCTION SYSTEM The device works on PULSE INDUCTION system frequency. And featuring penetrates the ground to a deep which is difficult for many devices to reach it. Best and latest international technologies of pulse induction systems to detect buried gold, antiquarian treasures, tunnels, caves, and precious coins underground. Titan ger 1000 Available exclusively at Golden Detector Group Our address on map: http://bit.ly/2LkseWx To inquire about prices, please contact the sales department Call+WhatsApp : 00971507737755 for more information Visit our website : https://www.goldendetector.com/en/titan-ger-1000-113.aspx Watch Video: https://youtu.be/jXDBTlD5-5w Gold and treasure detectors TITAN GER - 1000 Device Underground Gold, Metals and Treasures Detector

Address abu dhabi,united arab emirates
Titan-ger-1000 | metal detectors 2019 halifax
Titan-ger-1000 | metal detectors 2019 halifax
Titan-ger-1000 | metal detectors 2019 halifax