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Trends you need to know in the Candidate Search

This blog is all about the new and effective searching criteria that can help you to utilize your candidate database to the core. We have introduced n

Essential Things For Vendor Management System and Its Relevance in Sta

If you are facing difficulties in managing multiple vendors, check out this blog to understand what are the essential things you should take care of w

Beginners Guide: Resume Parsing and Its Relevance to Recruiter

Read this blog to understand the relevance of Parsing of Resumes to recruiters. This is a complete guide to understand the way we parse the resume wit

iSmartRecruit All Features Videos

Must have a look at this videos of iSmartRecruit. This video page contains all the videos to understand the core features of iSmartRecruit in a visual

5 Easy Steps for Data Migration

Check out this page to know how iSmartRecruit can help you in migrating your data from other ATS to iSmartRecruit so easily. iSmartRecruit Data Migrat

iSmartRecruit Referral Program

You can refer iSmartRecruit to companies like you and can get reward points.

Integrations of iSmartRecruit

iSmartRecruit is integrated with many job boards and various social media platforms. iSmartRecruit is integrated with various job board search as inde

VOIP(Voice Over the IP) Calling Service - iSmartRecruit

VOIP is the most powerful feature nowadays because this feature allows you to have a telephonic communication over the internet. The recruiter has a T

Gmail & Outlook Import Add-in to import profiles from your mailbox

A mailbox import is a work to import your mail through Gmail and outlook. iSmartRecruit is integrated with both the platform. This add-in will help yo

A recruitment chat bot that uses Artificial Intelligence

A recruitment chatbot is the latest features of iSmartRecruit. It makes recruiters work easy. You don’t have to be present 24*7 in your office, becaus

Client Self Services Portal - iSmartRecruit

The Client Self Services Portal will help your clients to perform activities over the jobs and track the candidates for the positions they have provid


GDPR is a major reform in the EU region which affected every company, but the hardest hit on recruiting businesses which process a large amount of can

Vendor management system that manages your vendors top to toe

The vendor management system plays a vital role in recruitment industries. Nowadays competition is increasing day by day. Companies hire a group of pe


As it can be observed that the Recruiters and HR use the excel sheet in order to maintain each and every activity of the candidates. But using the exc